Sunday, January 2, 2011

A new year, a new term

Its hard to believe but we are 1/3rd of the way through! This week, we start term 3, and it is going to be one hectic term.

It was a good break between terms; for some of us, it was a chance to spend some good time with family; for others, it was GCP travel; for some, its going to be week long modular courses.

Some of us spent time doing investment research on a company as part of the CFA Institute's Investment Research Challenge. While the report is not due for another seven weeks, the break offered a good opportunity to do some background data mining. Personally, it provided me an opportunity to get to know the Lippincott library better. While we are based in San Francisco, and don't have physical access to the library, the online access more than makes up for it. In a span of days, I was able to collect 100s of articles, forecasts and research reports. When I couldn't find something I needed, I just emailed the librarians, who actually ran queries for me, and returned some very interesting search data. Amazing!

Lan mentioned in her post about the last minute dash to get the PRiSM assignment done. She got done before our group :) Some of us sat past closing time (and convinced Larry to keep the campus open) so that we could have a shot at submitting our assignment. The assignments are tough by themselves; working with study team dynamics adds another dimension to the assignment. (For the non-WEMBA reader: the PRiSM assignment requires us to model the ability of individuals to repay their loans, based on multiple parameters that could impact credit-worthiness. Its a huge multiple regression for the statistically inclined).

If the past is any predictor of the future, the professors will keep us on our toes, the discussions ought to be just as mentally stimulating, and the classroom interaction just as fun.


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