Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Abilene Burger Company

Wharton does stuff well -- the first thing that strikes you is the way they put the learning teams together. I'm sure all the LTs (learning teams, not lowest ten) have something similar to say.

Our first team meeting started with all of us trying to test the waters, but we quickly realized that we were comedians first. Prof. Kuriloff's story about the tyranny of agreement and the folks that ended up in Abilene eating burgers was a reminder that we didn't have to all be too nice all the time, and we chose our team name on a whim. (Actually we had other suggestions for which we might have been sent off to sensitivity training :)

By Thursday, when we had the "identity" assignment, we were ready to share and bond... Group hug, anyone?

I'm sure it won't all be kumbaya moments, but we're off to a very positive start.

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