Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What did we get ourselves into?

As I drove up to San Francisco on May 23, I kept asking myself if I was really sure that I was doing the right thing. The $$$s and time commitment? And I'm not getting any younger...

Just meeting the brilliant class that makes up WEMBA36 put those thoughts to rest. Diverse, smart, accomplished, -- one fails to find enough words to describe the cohort.

The nitty-gritty begins:

Prof. Kaufold: The reality check slide says it all. Its going to be one thrill ride for the next two years. I've been putting this in perspective since I got back from Week 1.

Muzzammil, my 4 year old son, wanted to know what grade I was in at school. When I explained the concept of college to him, he was baffled that he would have to leave mom and dad behind -- sweet as that sounds now, I'm sure he will be singing a different tune in a few years :)

Asmina, my wife is surprised to find me going to bed with the Stickney book lying on one side... I hope she realizes what she has gotten herself into as well.

The Friday after week 1 was strange -- I had so much fun during the week that it felt odd going back to work -- hey, that's what pays the bills, so I've got to keep that up. I spent a lot of time describing the experience to my colleagues, and have probably convinced a couple more folks to think of a WEMBA. It actually felt good delegating and not having to worry about a crisis at work through the whole week.

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