Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Week 1: Notes to self

So, week 1 was amazing: Good food, Awesome profs (who appreciated humor and made learning fun, so opposite of undergrad), phenomenal class mates and not so bad food and hotel.
I also really enjoyed Wharton because, I got a lot of self-feedback. Which is weird because I goto work every day and am still not able to reflect like I was able to in the classroom and in group sessions. Almost freaky!!!

My two key take-aways:
Lesson 1: More talking = Less Learning
So in class during the first three days, I was pumped, excited to be learning cool Wharton MBA stuff. I was so excited that I would be tempted to speak up to every topic in class. Ofcourse, I had to have my opinion heard. But what I realized by day 3 was that I was so focused on getting my opinion heard that I was missing out what other people were saying. Sometimes, I would be thinking about how to formulate what I wanted to say and the prof had already moved on to the next thing. Bad Idea!!! I remember when I first started in sales, I would talk so much that I walked away from the customers learning nothing about them. My coach/mentor at that time told me: Shutup and make money!
So on Wednesday night, I told myself: Shutup and Learn.

Lesson 2: Your team mates are cooler than you think
Like Damn!!!!! Go Business-Casuals. Between the 5 of us, I think our team has experienced everything, and I mean everything. We have a VC/portfolio manager/ Investor, Consultant/Comedian/techie, Entrepreneur/Soldier/Product-manager/world traveller, IIT Grad (Bachelors and Masters)/Software Director/techie/Entreprenuer/Did I say IIT grad?
So note to self: If Wharton has admitted someone, be rest-assured that that person is a super start in his or her own right.

Needless to say, the Wharton education is paying for itself already.
Additionally, I have so many things that I need to explore, like the Wharton clubs. The investing club actually makes a trip out to Omaha, to visit Warren Buffett. Yes, thats right meet Warren Buffett in person. Did you know that dinner tickets with Warren go for upwards of $1 Million dollars.

Lastly, Sort of Random note: I also just ordered my Wharton MBA Business cards.

Until next time, Adios!!!

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